Oh yes! its time to end the sale by August 31 2012.. And with it, we shall party and enjoy the last moments of the sale. Join the weekly raffle with 1000Ls won every week! Check the place to grab some sale items, join the group for updates/news, and to get exclusive gifts! What are you waiting for? Look Fab and Fierce with Fierce Designs Apparel!

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Indulging The Light

Hi everyone! I wanted to show you all the new gift from The White Armory. 




This is my favorite part of the dress. I love the train skirt option included, and boy it’s good.




The gift also comes with a straight skirt option.


The Sleeves, Jacket Prim [I didn’t include it here] the necklace, the belt, well the whole outfit was just lovely. I could say that TWA is one of the places/stores I would love to blog about. I just love high quality items, and this group should not be missed. Go to the store and look around the place. Lots of sale items that are also high quality. You have to send a notecard to be added to the group, but its worth the effort everyone. 


My Outfit is from:

Dress: The White Armory [Group Gift]

Hair: Amacci

Skin: Glam Affair


Lotsa love ~ Jaden

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Elegance Under the Moon

Hi Everyone! 🙂 Hell week [a.k.a Midterm Week RL] is finally over, and so I get to blog again \o/


I am wearing a lovely FREE Gown from CWS. Oh yes, you read that right, its FREEE. Just be sure to join the group to get it. It has several skirt attachments and I did love trying out one skirt attachment to the other. It comes with two bow attachments on your behind and its definitely worth the time and group space.

Credits to:

DRESS: CWS [Suzie Marenwolf in Blue]

HAIR: Amacci [Fayne]

SKIN: Glam Affair [From the TDR: Cassiopea Retro]

JEWELRY: Virtual Impression

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Looking for Warmth

“Do you see that out there? The strange, unfamiliar light? It’s called the sun. Let’s go get us a little.”
-Nora Roberts, the Hollow

The weather in the country I’m from has been very… wet.. and cold. I’ve been wanting some sun and warmth for a while now. And so for today’s post, I’m looking for some warmth. Well, a cuddle would be nice.. *giggles..

Anyway, its time to go hunting ladies! I’d like to share this awesome outfit I got from dirty.little.secret.. I’m enjoying this outfit actually.. something I’d like for RL even.. A nice loose shirt and shorts/leggings. They are a hunt item, a a total steal. There are actually several hunt items in the store, so its a great place to go hunting. Do check out their other items as they are also good. Inside this WTRH item are other goodies such as mesh tunics, jeans, a beautiful dress and flats.

Shirt& Leggings : dirty.little.secret

Skin: Filthy [previous hunt item]

Hair: DeLa

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And so I seek comfort from the lights that blind me…

And so I seek comfort from the lights that blind me...

Hello, Kind of a repost on the OPOPOP Dress recently posted 🙂 Hope you like it.

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